EP088 Beerdurkin’ and The 602 Situation

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What’s the best spacer to use on a 602 half mile dirt?
Is it any advantage for a lighter weight harmonic balancer?
What’s yalls thoughts on a kinser filter on a 602 pros/cons? Also is there any performance gains with pro fab headers on a 602?
any recommendation on a better oil to run with the new E85 package for Rush Series?
How many regular sat night races would you put on a 604 before doing the first freshen on it?
Do you recommend using a ethanol lube additive with e85 on a 602?
What is the best oil for a 602 crate?
What’s the best lockout kit for GM HEI distributor on 602 Crate, or are they all pretty much the same?
On a 604 do you know anything inside the top end that looks like a really small long spring?