EP034: RTV Silicone, Liberals, Blog Posts, and Blueberries

In this episode, we kick it off with a bit of political chat based on current events. We’re attempting to reason with liberals. And we’re answering audience questions.

Weigh in–what does “using a liberal amount” mean to you?

Questions include:

  • How much rtv should I use when installing my header gaskets?
  • What headers do you recommend for a Street Stock with a 602 running your anti reversion mufflers?
  • What headers do you recommend for the 602 crate late model and also the smaller collectors or larger collectors?
  • What are your thoughts on Larson spanking the late models at Port Royal? (Kyle Larson is a bad ass. We agree on that.)
  • I have the willys equalizer carb with the super bowl system I have the -15psi pro cam fuel pump. Fuel regulator or no?
  • Got your bags packed for the next week, for a trip to Boone Speedway, in Boone Iowa for the IMCA 33rd Annual Super National’s ??? (No)
  • Alternator vs no alternator with just a 12 volt battery. Any power loss toward the end of the race?
  • I read somewhere to run the 602 with 6 quarts of oil instead of 7 to gain more performance. Any truth in this and your thoughts?
  • What is 604 refreshing cost?
  • What are your thoughts on the fires that have been happening when fueling with funnels that have filters?
  • Have you had a chance to dyno a new 2020 spec 602 and how much of a difference did you find if you did?
  • How decent are the Schoenfield 602 headers?
  • What improvements have been made to the new style 602 & 604?
  • Is there a gain grounding your heads to the chassis?
  • Do you need to run a valve spring shim under 602 valve spring?

Links mentioned:

Kate’s nerd stuff– https://katedillon.com/mailchimp-vs-convertkit-vs-flodesk-finding-the-perfect-email-marketing-software/

Sponsorship Insight from Joe Gibbs Video– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ahJL7o8ZRI

5 Quotes to Live By– https://katedillon.com/the-5-quotes-i-live-by/

Racing Rewind YouTube Channel: http://racingrewind.com/

PS: #TRUMP2020