EP023 Stupid Rules in Racing with Special Guest Dick Schiltz

This is exactly the type of episode that is the purpose of the show–to tell stories. It’s a very special episode recorded on Fathers Day 2020 with co-hosts Steve Hendren and Kate Dillon.

Dick Schiltz, father of the host Kate Dillon, built one of the first tube frame race cars.  He’s an innovator and a true racer.

“I always liked to build things and that’s kinda what I did”

– Dick Schiltz

Our theme of the show is talking about some of the stupid rules that can be found in rulebooks today along with an explanation of why.

We also hear some great stories from Dick about racing back-in-the-day including his time working for Ed Sanger in Waterloo, Iowa. He also describes his experience driving a NASCAR Sportsman car. Fun times and great stories!

Steve Hendren, Dick Schiltz, Kate Dillon

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