EP010: How We Can Keep Tracks from Closing

Welcome to this solo episode of the podcast.

It has really bothered me to see tracks closing, so I wanted to do something about it.

Some of the tips mentioned in the show include:

Step 1 – Get More Fans

  • Flyers/Posters
  • Go to schools
  • Participate in Parades

Step 2 – Get fans to come back:

  • Have reasonable ticket prices and pit pass prices
  • Clean modern bathrooms
  • Complete shows in a timely manner
  • Remove boring parts of the show or limit the time
  • Educate the fans about the classes
  • Improve communication

I’m offering to work with promoters to improve track marketing.  Feel free to send me a message at kate@crateinsider.com

If you’d like to download my Race Track Website Checklist, click here.

Do you have ideas you would like to add to the conversation?  Leave a comment below or on the Facebook post for this episode here.

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